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 ...about DiaGel for Dogs & Cats


"I own a five doctor practice and we use DiaGel for most of our small animal and equine G.I. cases. I like the product because it is all natural and usually works with only one use."



Lamar Crossland, DVM
Sunset Canyon Vet Clinic - Dripping Springs, TX



"DiaGel has the best owner satisfaction of any diarrhea products I have used. Many owners will keep a spare syringe on hand if their pet has frequent problems with diarrhea. This is the most effective and fastest working diarrhea product I have used in 37 years of practice!"



William M. Gesel, DVM
Pickerington Animal Hospital - Canal Winchester, OH



"I have used DiaGel for diarrhea at both of my animal hospitals. The product works very well and is well tolerated by my patients."



Charles Greco, DVM
Animal Medical of Centereach & Pinewood Commons Veterinary Hospital - Centereach, NY



"We see a lot of rescue dogs and diarrhea seems to be their #1 problem. DiaGel works great!"



Luz Piel, DVM
Selma, CA



"I have used DiaGel for four years now. I've only had one case that the product didn't clear 100%. I've only had to use DiaGel twice on two cases."



Cindy Steeby, VT
Jackdog Animal Health - Grawn, MI


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"I first used a DiaGel syringe on my own ill kitten, a Sphynx that had severe diarrhea and was resistant to other treatment. It worked very well for my kitten, and it is a product I will continue to use and recommend."



Donna Eubanks, DVM
West Valley City, UT



"I used the DiaGel on my Abyssinian kitten that had diarrhea as the result of food allergies and a change in diet. DiaGel worked well and took care of the diarrhea."



Michelle Cooney,  Cat Owner
Frederik, MD



"We had Boston Terrier, Shih Tzu, and Miniature Schnauzer pups that couldn't get over diarrhea. We gave them DiaGel and the product worked very well. In several hours there was a difference and the next day they were fine. I am sure it saved the life of several of our puppies."



Gary Prince, Dog Breeder
Walhalla, SC



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"I am convinced this product is a life saver. DiaGel was 100% effective in the cases I gave for diarrhea, even bloody diarrhea. The dog and cat products are equally effective."



Deb D. Nook, DVM
Schaller Veterinary Clinic - Schaller, IA



"After having tried many other diarrhea products, I started using DiaGel. It continues to work better than any other diarrhea product that I have tried. DiaGel has had a 90% success rate, and I have been very satisfied with it's performance. I intend to keep it in stock."



Edna Fredman
Marion, IL


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"DiaGel works! I have used it several times. Some of my clients have even asked for it after seeing how well it worked with their dogs."



Harold P. Lapersarde, DVM
Animal Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA



"At last! Products that do exactly what they claim they will...and more! DiaGel for both cats and dogs is effective in a single use svenska casino and only occasionally requires a second.


"Thanks for producing outstanding products made from the finest ingredients."



Barbara Meyers
Holistic Animal Consulting Centre - Staten Island, NY



"I wanted to share my personal story with Van Beek Natural Science because I think this product is amazing! My lab Harley had diarrhea for two days. I tried other products, but it was not until I gave him DiaGel that his diarrhea was gone soon after. I wish I had tried this product first! Not only is one use a great selling point, but the fact that I had an easy syringe to give the DiaGel was even better than giving multiple tablet doses. I love this product! Thank you Van Beek Natural Science!"



Kristin Baum, Dog Owner & Distributor Representative
Johnstown, PA


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 ...about Synacore


"I used Synacore for all four of my large dogs during my vacation this month. They did fantastic - no diarrhea, vomiting, or any other issues! They seem to be doing much better since I have been feeding Synacore. My 14 year old Chow's coat does look better and he loves his breakfast since Synacore is included in that meal.


"My coworker also started feeding Synacore to her Rottweiler, who would vomit bile on a regular basis. She said that this issue has stopped since she has been using Synacore! Thank you so much for a great product!"



Ray Goldenstein, Dog Owner
Atlanta, GA



"For 2 weeks, I have been using Synacore on my cat Jasper, who has Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I see a significant difference. He's not always perfect, but when it comes to IBS, there is no perfect. My manager Lynne was also very impressed with the ingredient list and the lack of junk ingredients.


"Again, I am thrilled with this product, and I will be recommending Synacore to anyone else that has a cat or dog with IBS."



MJ Romano, Cat Owner
Westfield Veterinary Group - Westfield, NJ



"My yellow Lab Duke was very sick with a bunch of issues, including kennel cough and diabetes. The vet prescribed Sucralfate, but with his kennel cough, the Sucralfate was making him throw up more. He was throwing up every couple of hours, day and night for the at least 4 days, and I was up 4-5 times a night cleaning up after him being sick.


"A friend of mine had suggested Synacore a couple weeks before and had explained the benefits and features to me. I was hesitant because of Duke's issues, so I had left it alone. But, I became so desparate that I had to try it, and it worked! Duke did not throw up at all after I started feeding Synacore. Now he can take his meds again and eat without losing it within 15 minutes!


"Thank you so much Synacore!"



Dana Brady, Dog Owner
Rochester, MN


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 ...about ElimiDerm


"ElimiDerm cleared up serveral very resistant skin conditions. I am very pleased with this product!"



Edna Fredman
Marion, IL



 ...about LickGuard


"When my five year old Golden Retriever was put on IV fluids, she chewed through three IV lines. I tried other products as well as an E collar, and they were all ineffective. Finally, I tried LickGuard. After one lick, she never touched the IV line again."



Tina Bratcher, CVT
Animal Medical Center - Lubbock, TX



"LickGuard works great! I tried it myself so I can really appreciate the bad taste. The smell alone is all it would take to keep a pet away!"



Judy Voegel, RVT
St. Joe Vet Clinic - Evansville, IN



"I apply LickGuard to the protective bandage after an IV catheter is placed pre op."



Nancy M. Grzenda, DVM
Animal Clinic Northview - North Ridgeville, OH


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 ...about DiaGel Equine



"I was very impressed with the results of the Van Beek Natural Science product, DiaGel Equine. It did exactly what it said it would! My two year old filly had diarrhea, and when I gave her one syringe of DiaGel, she was better fast. DiaGel is easy to use in a dosing syringe. They're aren't any needles. Just set the dial to the suggested dose and give orally. The gel dissolves quickly without any spilling. I will definitely use DiaGel if the problem ever occurs again."



Mary Bransten, Horse Owner
Sioux Center, IA


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